Problem-Solver Awards

May 27 - Closing Date For Problem-Solver Awards Submission

Problem Solver Awards Problem-Solver Awards are judged DURING the annual Middle East Call Centre/CX Conference. Nominees are invited to submit a description of how they solved a particular call centre problem (plus a 15 minute presentation overview). The best ones will be invited to present at MECC/CX 21 and the delegates there on the day will decide who the winner is. The initial list of potential "regional problems" will be sent to applicants who submit their details

New Category for 2021 - Work From Home (WFH)

WFH Awards WFH Awards WFH Awards WFH Awards


INSIGHTS Call Centre/CX Methodologies (ICCM) - Note

Your Awards submission will be sent to our panel of International Judges and they will use a scorecard based on INSIGHTS Call Centre/CX methodologies (ICCM) to mark it. ICCM covers all aspects of customer experience and call centre strategy, branding and operations. The details of ICCM may be best understood through INSIGHTS courses, FLAGS audits and other INSIGHTS consultancy interventions.

The highest Judges scores will be nominated for the different Title Awards, and the winners from these nominees will be decided on Judging Day (though not publically announced till the Awards Gala Dinner on June 22.)