Middle East Call Centre Event

The Middle East Call Centre 2017 - Tutorials

May 15, 3017

The Ideal Way To Kickstart Your MECCSS'17 Experience!

MECC '17 Pre-Conference Tutorials represent an ideal opportunity to explore key contact centre concepts and principles in more depth and as they apply to your own contact centre situation. Delivered by world-class faculty, the sessions consistently score high marks with delegates and the limited number of places in each class tend to go quickly. Avoid disappointment and get your MECC '17 experience off to the best possible start by registering today.

Tutorial Topics

T1. Avoiding Outsourcing Failure

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T2. "Modelling the 'Economy of Your Contact Centre', Enabling You to Make Smarter Business Decisions".

Any idea how much it really costs to handle a particular type of call? How about an e-mail or a web-chat? What about the cost of recruiting and inducting one employee? Most organisations underestimate the real costs of these activities by at least 20 to 30 percent.

Having robust answers to these types of questions is critical.

In this workshop delegates are lead on a mission to discover how to:
  • Cut costs without cutting quality
  • Make smarter decisions based on better BI and less BS!
  • Build stronger business cases to secure the budget needed to build better contact centres

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