Middle East Call Centre Event

The Middle East Call Centre 2017 - Workshops

May 18, 3017

Applying The Finishing Touches To Your New Customer Contact Plans

MECC '17 Post Conference Workshops allow you and your team to dig deeper into key topics that will have piqued your interest during the previous two days of the Main MECC '17 Conference. In particular, and in the presence of subject matter experts, you will cover more advanced tactics, tips and techniques and as a result be able to move your own internal development plans forward more quickly effectively and efficiently. These highly-interactive sessions usually sell out, so early registration is advised.

Tutorial Topics

W1. Building A Flexible IVR System

Mr. Rod Jones, Managing Director, Rod Jones Strategic Solutions, South Africa.
Workshop covers:-
  • What is Driving Self-Service
  • Why Use IVR for Self-Service
  • What is 'Good IVR'
  • The IVR 'Best Practice' Scorecard
  • IVR Best Practice Guidelines
  • Review: Key IVR Functionalities
  • What the Research Tells Us About IVR
  • Next Generation IVR
  • Voice Biometrics & Speech Recognition
  • Designing IVR Systems
  • plus extensive design exercises
The content has been recently updated and is now probably the most current workshop of its type on the planet.

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W2. Designing & Running An Effective VoC Program

Dr. Brownell O'Connor, The Contact Centre Doctor, Ireland
CSAT scores have long been the sole determinant of how customers feel about the organisation. This workshop explores the new metrics and their judicious combinations that all organisations must now measure in order to gain a deeper appreciation of their own performance and what they might need to do to improve it

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