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Survey Design Workshop
April 23-24, 2018
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Survey Data Analysis Workshop
April 25, 2018

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Survey Design & Data Analysis Workshop

3 Day Program

April 23-25, 2018

Survey Data Analysis Workshop -
April 25, 2018 - Dubai, UAE - 1 Day

You've built your survey questionnaire, launched it, and collected all the data in your spreadsheet.

  • Do you look at the survey data not sure how to find the message buried in all that data. Your survey software tool provides a set of graphs and data points, but you need to do more and your college statistics class is a distant -- and bad -- memory.
  • Perhaps some survey scores have changed from last year and management wants to know what's going on. You're not sure how to find out. And you think the change may just be part of the randomness that's part of a survey process. How do you prove that to management?
  • Management wants to know what's driving satisfaction and where efforts should be focused. How can you find that in the data?

If you're looking at your spreadsheet, and aren't sure how to give voice to all that data, then the Survey Data Analysis Workshop will get you on the right track to finding the value in your survey data.

The Survey Data Analysis Workshop will teach you how to effectively analyze a survey data set and unlock the meaning in that data.

At the end of this 1-day data analysis class, you will know how to...

  • Find the full message in your survey data
  • Apply the proper statistical procedure to answer a survey research question
  • Be more efficient in doing the survey analysis
  • Determine whether a change in survey scores over time is just by chance or is a statistically significant change in operational performance
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Overview of the Survey Data Analysis Workshop

A well-designed survey questionnaire, learned in our companion Survey Design Workshop, will capture the voice of the customer, employee or other stakeholder group in a data set. The job of the survey analysis phase is to give voice to that data, find out the stories it has to tell about your organizational processes. The value of the survey program will be lost unless the data set is analyzed properly and thoroughly -- and reported convincingly . The results will support fact-based decision-making.

Unfortunately, college statistics classes tend to scare people away from data analysis. (We have shared those feelings.) We approach this 1-day Survey Data Analysis Workshop by starting with the typical questions you are likely to want answered from the survey analysis. For example,

  • How well did our organization perform?
  • How confident can I be in the findings?
  • Did the view of our organization differ along demographic segments?
  • What are the key drivers of overall satisfaction (or similar attitude)?

Survey Design & Data Analysis Workshop Then using the language of statistics, we teach the statistical procedures to answer those questions. (See the Detailed Curriculum.) We show how to do this analysis in Excel. You may have access to a more powerful statistical tool, including the ones that come with survey administration tools, but Excel is a good common language for explaining the concepts and applications, and most basic data analysis and graphing can readily be done in Excel.

Crunching the numbers is only half the data analysis story. You also need to present those results and findings in a compelling report. We conclude the workshop presenting the typical elements in a survey findings report and the type of charts and graphs that best present data from the various question formats.

Survey data analysis is best learned by doing. So, following the lecture that shows step-by-step analysis, we have exercises that you can apply to your own survey data set or to a sample data set we provide if you wish. Bring a laptop on which to perform the analysis -- and your data set. Basic understanding of Excel is expected. (Some classes prefer to follow Dr. Van Bennekom walk through the analysis on Excel.)

This workshop is not a substitute for college-level statistics class -- after all, it's a one-day class. If you've taken statistics, we will show you its value in an applied fashion. Given time constraints, we do not get into background theory.

How do our attendees rate the course?

  • 96.8% say this workshop will make them "much more effective on their next survey project."
  • 96.4% also say they would "recommend this workshop. to a colleague with basic-to-intermediate survey background".

Percentages represent those rating with a 4, 5 or 6 on a 6-point scale with the endpoint anchor of "Extremely Likely."

  • 88% and 92% gave ratings of 5 or 6 on those two questions, respectively.

Note the wording of the question combined with the scale anchors. These make a selection of the top response categories very demanding. Scale design is a major topic in our class.

Who should attend the Survey Workshop?

Survey Design & Data Analysis WorkshopThis survey data analysis workshop will prove invaluable for someone responsible for conducting a survey research program, whether the focus is customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, training program evaluation, customer product needs, or another area where survey research is appropriate. If you have outsourced your survey program to a surveying service (like Walker Information, SatMetrix, or, this class would help you understand and interpret the analysis they have presented to you and allow you to do more analysis on the data set on your own. It will help you be a better partner in the relationship.

The class level is geared towards those with basic to intermediate understanding of survey research and statistics understanding. Please contact us if you're unsure if the class would be appropriate for you.

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Course Instructor

Dr. Frederick Van Bennekom developed the curriculum for this course, and he has delivered this survey workshop to classes for more than a decade. Dr. Fred has extensive experience in conducting survey programs for clients, and he has a decade of grounded experience in Digital Equipment Corporation's customer service organization. He developed operational reporting systems for first- and second-level field management as well as metrics packages for senior field service management.

Fred authored Customer Surveying: A Guidebook for Service Managers, and he has two decades of instructional experience as a professor at several Boston-area business schools teaching operations management. Fred currently teaches in the Executive MBA program at Northeastern University, Harvard University's Certificate in Management Program, and at Babson College.

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