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4-Day Operational Development &
Optimisation Seminar

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March 18-21, 2019

Course Outline - Day 1 & 2

An introduction to CRM and the Customer Experience

  • Trends. Measurement techniques

The Role of Call Centres & Contact Centres

  • The contact centre is the organisation's laboratory for the study of the Customer Experience
  • Contact Centres: State of the Industry
  • What drives Contact Centre Costs?
  • What drives Operational Efficiency?

Basic Contact Centre Concepts

  • Ten steps to an Effective, Efficient Contact Centre
  • Primary dimensions of the modern contact centre
  • Contact Centre Development Model
  • The Critical Development or Redevelopment Phase
  • The integrated contact centre. People, Processes, Technologies, Data and Knowledge
  • Call Centres vs Contact Centres. The differences
  • Contact Centres: Benefits to Customers. Benefits to the organisation
  • Critical Success Factors
  • World Class Contact Centres: Definitions
    Practical Exercise: Review this module and write up the features, benefits and advantages of your contact centre (a) to customers and (b) to the company or organisation

The Operational Dynamics of the modern Contact Centre

  • Organizational structures
  • Management Essentials
  • Staffing Essentials
  • Agent Competencies
  • Agent/Staff selection and recruitment processes
  • Training and Learning Essentials

Performance Measurement & Management

  • Basic Operational Terminology
  • Typical Performance Measures
  • KPIs. What are they. How to define needs
  • Achieving Efficiency
  • Achieving Effectiveness
  • The Impact of Staffing on Service Level
  • Meeting Service Levels
    Practical Exercise: Review previous content and complete a short team assignment

Business Processes

  • Definitions
  • Why Business Processes are vital for effective contact centre operations
  • Introduction to the BPMN methodology.
    Tuition and Practical Exercise: How to design contact centre business processes. Group and Individual activity.

Contact Centre Technologies Part 1

  • An introduction to the key technologies used in the modern contact centre.
  • The ACD - Main features
  • The MultiMedia environment
  • An introduction to VoIP and SIPP
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Main uses
  • IVR - examples. The good, the bad and the ugly
  • IVR Best Practice Guidelines
  • IVR Used to measure Customer Satisfaction
    Practical Exercise: Review previous content and complete a short team assignment

Contact Centre Technologies Part 2

  • Voice recording and Voice Logging
  • Voice Recording for Quality Assurance
  • QA Processes and Technologies reviewed
  • Interaction Analytics. Real-time, event-driven feedback
  • Interaction Analytics: Example
  • The Fundamentals of Workforce Management WFM

Quality Assurance

  • Contact centre Quality: Definitions
  • Approach to QA: Best Practice
  • The problem of random call monitoring
  • Quality Alignment
  • Benefits of Aligned Quality Management
  • Performance Optimisation
  • Total Quality Management checklist

Assessing, Auditing & Benchmarking

  • Why Assess and Audit your contact centre
  • Why baseline and benchmark?
  • The contact centre development matrix
  • How to set up an Assessment and Auditing Methodology
  • Operational Performance Scoring Method
  • Assessing for Business Risk
  • On-line / Web / Cloud-based assessments and benchmarking
  • Contact Centre Standards

Capacity Planning

  • Planning checklists
  • Inputs required for accurate planning
  • Fundamentals of agent and staffing capacity p[planning
  • Planning for 'Shrinkage'. Explained
  • Planning for fluctuations in call and contact volumes
  • Planning for technologies

Outbound & Telemarketing

  • When & Why to use Outbound techniques
  • Basic requirements for outbound
  • Vital techniques to Achieve Campaign Results
  • Campaign processes
  • Staffing requirements for outbound
  • Data and Lists
  • Outbound dialing technologies. Manual. Preview. Power. Predictive dialing

Optional Module

  • Assignments
  • Wrapping-Up
  • Sources of more information and recommended reading

DAY 3 - Building A Flexible IVR System

To be effective and efficient, the contemporary customer contact centre or customer interaction centre needs to incorporate a well-designed and deployed Interactive Voice Response system or IVR. Whilst this technology is fundamental to the operations, poorly deployed IVR is unquestionably the source of massive frustration and contempt from customers in virtually all geographies. ( In fact, a widely recognised study found that up to 63% of customers stop using a company's products or services after a bad experience with an IVR system. )

But what constitutes a 'Good' IVR system?

In this workshop, globally recognised customer contact centre analyst and strategic adviser Rod Jones presents strategies, business models, best practice guidelines and case studies to show precisely how a good IVR design should work. He draws on international research and examples to clearly illustrate the significant benefits of IVR to both customers and organisations alike.

Course Topics

  • The fundamental principles of 'Good IVR'
  • 'Live' examples of good and bad IVR systems
  • The principles of IVR design to achieve effective routing
  • IVR to support Self-Service and deflect 'live' calls
  • Practical Skills: IVR design workshop

DAY 4 - Call Centre 2021 - Planning The Digital Migration


In this jam-packed, highly interactive seminar you will gain a thorough knowledge and understanding of the very latest global trends and recognised 'best practices' in terms of digital migration strategies, organisational structure, management techniques and the technologies.

  • The major global trends
  • How these global trends will impact your call centre
  • What organisational structure changes should be considered
  • Customer Demographics
  • Customer Demands and Expectations
  • Demand for Self Service
  • How will multi-channel and omni-channel customer demands impact your call centre or contact centre
  • Digitization. What is it and how will it help your customers and your organisation
  • What new technologies are available and how can they be best utilised
  • How will social and economic realities impact the workforce
  • 'The Cloud' and how this will impact the industry
  • Managing Executive expectations of the contact centre
  • How to develop viable strategies and action plans to address these changes
  • How to use the COSAM© Digital Migration Development Tool
  • Practical Skills Development Workshop using the COSAM© Tool


"This is a 'must do' training for all organizations hoping to set up call centres."
Richard Daniel - Uganda Revenue Authority.

"I really loved the course! A lot of things are starting to make sense and I cant wait to implement some of the stuff that I have learned from you."
Liza de Koning -Medikredit

"I found the Rod Jones 'World Class Contact Centres' seminar to be extremely useful. The seminar helped me to graduate our perspective from just creating a good customer experience into managing each interaction professionally to cement relationships with our customers. Rod's seminar is well researched and it focuses on current contact centre and CRM challenges whilst offering practical solutions, real skills and actionable insights. Rod Jones has immense wealth of knowledge in the evolution of customer service and this gives him the right vision of forecasting future trends."
Pauline Warui: Executive Head of Customer Care. Safaricom, Kenya

"Excellent! This seminar should be attended by every call centre professional in the country."
Rocky Chirkoot-Skye Group

"I have been in a call centre environment for approximately 4 years, and the insight I received with regards to the industry in this 2 day seminar was exceptional and far more beneficial to me. A definite great result."
Raziya Moosa-Nedbank NCC Contact Centre

"A meeting, the primary purpose of which is the exchange of ideas"

  • The seminars have been developed by Rod Jones over a six year period and is based on over 35 years of international call centre and customer service experience
  • The seminars are delivered in an interactive, knowledge -sharing, 'Seminar and Lecture Style'
  • The seminars involve considerable interaction between delegates together with the sharing of non-confidential experiences and knowledge
  • Throughout the seminars delegates are provided with hints, tips, checklists, quick wins, actionable insights and additional reading and reference materials
  • The seminars have been specifically developed to also provide knowledge and information to executives and managers in developing regions
  • The seminars encourage on-going learning and selfdevelopment of core skills


The format of this seminar is a high-energy, interactive session that involves delegates and their specific operational issues and challenges. The sharing of non-competitive ideas, techniques and knowledge amongst delegates is encouraged in this energetic, facilitated environment.
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