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Advanced Agent Skills Training

2 Day Course

July 14-15, 2019

Advanced Agent Skills Training

Overall Objectives

This course deals directly with the necessary skills of remote customer contact. Each module is filled with role-play exercises and the simulation is often used to bridge the gap between classroom role-playing and real-life contact centre operations. The basic guideline of this course is simple - at the end of the course, students should no longer consider that a telephone call just happens. They should realise that it is a planned, controllable communication. They can control how the caller reacts. They can control what the caller does next. They do all of this by listening carefully in the first instance and then developing a strategy to move the call in the direction they want it to go.

Course Outline

AAS1 - Call Centre - what's the difference

  • What is a call/contact centre
  • Why use call/contact centres
  • The Contact industry
  • Getting the most from your training

AAS2 -Team Work

  • The Benefits of team structures
  • Taking advantage of the overall team effort
  • Contributing to the overall team effort
  • Becoming a valued team player

AAS3 -Professionalism and a aasitive approach

  • Factors Affecting Company image
  • Creating a good image
  • Affects of voice and words
  • The seven NEVERS

AAS4 - The art of Good communication

  • Simplex and Duplex communications
  • Communicating with different types of caller
  • 9-steps of effective communications
  • 14 Essential processes for clear telephone communications

AAS5 - Questioning and Listening Skills

  • Active Listening techniques
  • 7 Basic rules of Listening
  • Questioning techniques
  • List of key questions

AAS6 - Phone Rage

  • Handling Complaints
  • Causes of Phone Rage
  • Diffusing Phone Rage
  • Handling offensive behaviour

AAS7 - Customer Service

  • What do customers want?
  • How do we deliver it?
  • What do we need to deliver it?
  • Going the extra mile

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The main thing that I can say about INSIGHTS is that they always exceed my expectations. They are the only truly specialised call centre training/consultancy in the region and focus on what I need to develop, improving my business quality and my own personal career.

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