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Building A Flexible IVR System

1 Day Course

March 20, 2019

Building A Flexible IVR System Workshop

Overall Objectives

To be effective and efficient, the contemporary customer contact centre or customer interaction centre needs to incorporate a well-designed and deployed Interactive Voice Response system or IVR. Whilst this technology is fundamental to the operations, poorly deployed IVR is unquestionably the source of massive frustration and contempt from customers in virtually all geographies. ( In fact, a widely recognised study found that up to 63% of customers stop using a company's products or services after a bad experience with an IVR system. )

But what constitutes a 'Good' IVR system?

In this workshop, globally recognised customer contact centre analyst and strategic adviser Rod Jones presents strategies, business models, best practice guidelines and case studies to show precisely how a good IVR design should work. He draws on international research and examples to clearly illustrate the significant benefits of IVR to both customers and organisations alike.

Course Topics

  • The fundamental principles of 'Good IVR'
  • 'Live' examples of good and bad IVR systems
  • The principles of IVR design to achieve effective routing
  • IVR to support Self-Service and deflect 'live' calls
  • Practical Skills: IVR design workshop

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