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Designing Omni-Channel Customer Service Experiences

1 Day Course

Designing Omni-Channel Customer Service Experiences


Channel choice is now considered essential by customers who expect to move between channels and devices at will: based on any number of factors such as the complexity of a service task or the situation they find themselves in. However few organisations know how to meet this strategic challenge or how to practically design the right customer experiences.

This masterclass delivers a new practical approach to delivering low effort, multi-channel customer experiences. Design principles are based on how customers actually behave and what they expect as core service experiences.

This requires us to understand channels in terms of their unique strengths and weaknesses and when each is best used. These insights allow us to move on from simply preferring one against another based on an arbitrary transactional cost. Underpinning all this is an overarching design goal of delivering service effectiveness.

Reasons To Attend

  • I need to increase customer adoption of new digital channels
  • I need to find ways of reducing customer demand for more expensive channels
  • I need to reduce cost to serve while increasing customer loyalty
  • I need a way of prioritising investments into the 'best' channels for my organisation
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Summary Agenda

  1. Latest research on consumer omni-channel behaviour
  2. How to track your customer's digital profile and establish willingness to use new channels
  3. A unique omni-channel design framework used to increase user adoption of digital channels
  4. Design principles that facilitate intelligent deployment of voice, video and text
  5. A detailed review of the latest voice, video and text service channels

Learning Experiences

  • Latest use cases that show what is now possible
  • Brainfood designed frameworks to develop new thinking and strategy
  • Regular table debates to digest and develop new ideas
  • A3 template style worksheets to capture strategy and roadmap planning
  • All masterclass slides available in original format for reference and internal educational use
  • Optional mentoring after the masterclass to help transfer new thinking to team members, critique detailed strategies as they emerge and co-design associated transformation plans to help embed new competencies

Who Should Attend

Directors or Heads of Customer Service, Customer Experience or Operations who recognise that their current ability to satisfy customer expectations for channel and device choice when engaging in service tasks lags behind emerging industry standards.

Limited Places
Note : 3 Registration For Any Single Programme
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Your Presenter

Martin Hill-Wilson

Martin Hill-Wilson
Customer Service, Customer Experience & Social Business Strategist - Author, Keynote Speaker & Blogger, Brainfood Consulting.

Martin Hill-Wilson is a customer service and social business strategist. His company Brainfood Consulting provides customer strategy services to a range of B2B and B2C brands. Martin is also a long term member of the UK customer service community passing on his expertise as a keynote speaker and blogger.

What Others Said About This Workshop

"I went on a Masterclass on Customer Experience delivered by Martin and I found it inspiring. He connects every dot together across service, marketing and technology; with specific advice on how to overcome obstacles. I have found his training so helpful that I have since arranged for him to come in and deliver it to my team!"
Maxine Poole, Head of Marketing & Communications, NHS Professionals

"Feedback from the team has been universally positive. Many really interesting insights and great to hear your experiences in such a wide range of areas."
Robert Branch, Client Experience Manager at Hargreaves Lansdown

"Martin's masterclass was one of the most useful and inspirational events that I have ever attended"
Katy Minson, Head of Customer Experience Dixons Carphone

"Start to finish, there is a flow to a journey designed to empower you with non biased data, the reality of customer needs in an ever evolving digital era coupled with giving you the right tools to make it work for your business objectives and most importantly, what not to do. A reflection of what one should expect from a true Masterclass!"
Carmen Nader, Contact Centre Services and Operations Manager and Lead at National Foundation for Educational Research

Limited Places
Note : 3 Registration For Any Single Programme
Earns 10% Discount
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