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Call Centre 2021 -
Planning The Digital Migration

1-Day Leadership & Management Development Seminar

March 21, 2019

Planning The Digital Migration In the next 5 years the contact centre will have to transform dramatically to meet growing customer demands and expectations. The changes will be huge and will require a new set of leadership and management skills and resources.


In this jam-packed, highly interactive seminar you will gain a thorough knowledge and understanding of the very latest global trends and recognised 'best practices' in terms of digital migration strategies, organisational structure, management techniques and the technologies.

  • The major global trends
  • How these global trends will impact your call centre
  • What organisational structure changes should be considered
  • Customer Demographics
  • Customer Demands and Expectations
  • Demand for Self Service
  • How will multi-channel and omni-channel customer demands impact your call centre or contact centre
  • Digitization. What is it and how will it help your customers and your organisation
  • What new technologies are available and how can they be best utilised
  • How will social and economic realities impact the workforce
  • 'The Cloud' and how this will impact the industry
  • Managing Executive expectations of the contact centre
  • How to develop viable strategies and action plans to address these changes
  • How to use the COSAM© Digital Migration Development Tool
  • Practical Skills Development Workshop using the COSAM© Tool
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Most successful organisations have recognised that in order to achieve sustainable success it is vital that they become totally 'Customer Focused' and simultaneously that they address and rectify the basic loss drivers. With ever-increasing labour costs and customer demands for self-service, the age of digitization is impacting across all areas of the organisation and specifically in the contact centre.

Never before has there been such a profound need for the organisation to have a robust 'Digital Migration Strategy' and refined methodologies and programmes that will facilitate the rational prioritization and roll-out of customer-centric yet business-based processes and technologies.

Only when the organisation's Strategies, Programmes (e.g. Marketing), People, Business Processes and Enabling Technologies are aligned to one another can the following Key Strategic Initiatives be achieved:

  • Reduce or Contained Costs
  • Increase Revenues or Profitability
  • Increase Operational Efficiencies
  • Increase Measurable Customer Satisfaction

Delegates attending this seminar will learn how to apply and to share their new knowledge to the benefit of the entire organisation.


The format of this seminar is a high-energy, interactive session that involves delegates and their specific operational issues and challenges. The sharing of non-competitive ideas, techniques and knowledge amongst delegates is encouraged in this energetic, facilitated environment.

There is a massive volume of valuable content to be covered and shared, and as such the pace is extremely fast. Delegates are provided with a comprehensive workbook and a DVD containing the entire PowerPointTM slide deck plus video clips and several hundred support documents for later reading as well as given free, unlimited access to the extensive 'Know IT' contact centre information library.


  • Project Leaders & Managers (New or redeveloping contact centres)
  • Contact Centre Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Senior Supervisors and Team Leaders
  • Quality Assurance Specialists
  • WFM Specialists
  • Recruitment & Training Managers
  • IT Managers & Technical Support
  • Sales & Marketing Professionals

Limited Places
Note : 3 Registration For Any Single Programme
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Your Seminar Presenter & Facilitator

This powerful seminar has been developed and is personally presented by Rod Jones, an internationally respected contact centre expert and veteran with over 40 years of practical experience in the Direct Marketing, CRM, Customer Services and Call Centre industries. Rod has served on the boards of numerous professional bodies including The Direct Marketing Association of SA (DMA) and the former Call Centre Networking Group (CCNG). Rod has acted on behalf of the South African national contact centre and BPO body, BPeSA as an overseeing judge in various annual Contact Centre Awards. In 2006/7 Rod chaired a BPeSA sub-committee that played a part in developing the SABS South African National Contact Centre Standards. He continues to advise the South African Bureau of Standards on matters relating to contact centre standards and also served as chairman of the Direct Marketing Association TeleServices Council. Rod was the founding Chairman and continues to hold a position on the Board of the Independent Contact Centre Consultants Association-ICCCA

An accomplished public speaker, Rod regularly presents papers, seminars and workshops and corporate training on various aspects of strategic marketing, call centres, contact centres and customer relationship management. Rod is well known for his hugely energetic and humorous presentation style.

As a widely recognised contact centre industry analyst and specialist consultant Rod provides an extensive range of professional services concentrating on the strategic and planning issues of Customer Management, Call Centres and telephony and marketing. His clients include a number of blue-chip South African companies and parastatal bodies as well as organisations in Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, Uganda, New Zealand and the UK.

To date the Rod Jones Contact Centre MasterClass seminars have been attended by over 3,500 delegates in 12 countries.


"The information - and specifically the sharing of available products and technologies was awesome and gives insight and is always presented with key learnings."

Hope Van Mollendorff - Europe Assistance

"Rod's MasterClass was very insightful. I am now aware of industry trends as my company is looking to improve customer self-service."

Dhamu Patel - eBucks

"Rod provided direction on strategy, Omni Channel, Industry trends and future projections."

Imraan Mayet - MTN

"It was a great seminar. Sharing of well researched facts and presenting global trends was especially enlightening and informative."

Lucrecia Lewis - SA Breweries

"I particularly learned a lot on the future of contact centres - Omni Channel and the Interactive Support Centre."

Servias Mazhetese - Massive Consulting

"Thank you Rod. The seminar was very informative. I now have a new view of what a call centre should look like in the near future."

Julie White - Telesure FFW

"The seminar provided a holistic view of the future of call centres and provided tools and insights to make the shift going forward."

Eben Steyn - Telesure

Limited Places
Note : 3 Registration For Any Single Programme
Earns 10% Discount
Avoid disappointment Register Today
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