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Vital People Management Skills For Team Leaders And Supervisors

2 Day Course

July 21-22, 2019

Vital People Management Skills For Team Leaders And Supervisors

Key Topics

  • Development of Team Goals & Relationships
  • Best Practise CSR Monitoring & Analysis
  • Coaching & Mentoring Techniques & Principles
  • Performance Appraisal & Development

What would it be worth to your organisation and it's bottom line if

  • Your customers regularly complimented you about the quality of your service
  • Your call centre teams constantly strived to outdo each other's performance
  • Your attrition rate, recurrent training costs and churn-induced recruitment effort were negligible
  • Your call centre agents were supremely confident they could always rely on their other team members to provide timely assistance when required
  • Key agent performance indicators were on an ever-improving upward projectory.


In today's competitive environment where keeping customers happy, even delighted, is the new business imperative, customer service-driven companies can charge upto 9% more for products and services. This enables them to grow much more quickly and become significantly more profitable.

And who is leading this charge into a customer-driven environment? The contact centre is in the vanguard of course, and within it there are several key players. At one end you have the contact centre agents who are the key component in delivering a world class customer experience. At the other end you have contact centre managers charged with defining strategic direction and constantly monitoring trends in customer satisfaction so that they can re-align company goals and objectives. And who do we have in the middle? The Team Leader/Supervisor is responsible for taking the strategic goals of management and turning them into positive action on the part of the CSRs. Key competencies required here include the ability to

  • Lead and build teams of CSR's
  • Coach and develop CSRs
  • Help CSR's to achieve goals and objectives
  • Seek to find areas of improvement

This workshop has been designed to nurture and build these competencies and others. Whether you are an experienced contact centre professional looking to take a refresher course or a new team leader looking to rapidly improve your team's performance, this programme is for you.

As you can imagine the potential savings and business benefits are considerable

Who Should Attend

  • Call Centre Supervisors
  • Call Centre Team Leaders
  • Call Centre Managers
  • Sales/Marketing/Customer Service Directors
  • CRM Decision Makers
  • Outsourcers
  • Contact Centre Consultants
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