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4-Day Operational Development &
Optimisation Seminar

(Over 4,500 delegates
in 8 countries have already attended this seminar)

March 18-21, 2019


- Increase Customer Satisfaction - Increase Efficiencies - Optimise Investments - Drive Down the Cost of Service - Reduce Risk Increase Revenues - Reduce Staff Turnover - Become 'World Class'

Themes & Content :- DAY 1 & 2

  • Introduction to CRM & The Customer Experience
  • The role of the Contact Centre
  • Contact Centre Concepts
  • Operational Dynamics of a modern Contact Centre
  • Performance Measurement & Management
  • Business Processes
  • Contact Centre Technologies and Best Practice Guidelines
  • Quality Management and Quality Assurance
  • Auditing, Assessing and Benchmarking
  • Capacity Planning
  • Outbound & Telemarketing

DAY 3 - Building A Flexible IVR System

For most organisations the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is the gateway to the call centre or contact centre. Unless the IVR is well designed and implemented, customers will become frustrated, annoyed and angry; and that's before they even get to speak to an agent!

  • The fundamental principles of 'Good IVR'
  • 'Live' examples of good and bad IVR systems
  • The principles of IVR design to achieve effective routing
  • IVR to support Self-Service and deflect 'live' calls
  • Practical Skills: IVR design workshop
To be effective and efficient, the contemporary customer contact centre or customer interaction centre needs to incorporate a well-designed and deployed Interactive Voice Response system or IVR. Whilst this technology is fundamental to the operations, poorly deployed IVR is unquestionably the source of massive frustration and contempt from customers in virtually all geographies. ( In fact, a widely recognised study found that up to 63% of customers stop using a company's products or services after a bad experience with an IVR system. )

But what constitutes a 'Good' IVR system?

In this workshop, globally recognised customer contact centre analyst and strategic adviser Rod Jones presents strategies, business models, best practice guidelines and case studies to show precisely how a good IVR design should work. He draws on international research and examples to clearly illustrate the significant benefits of IVR to both customers and organisations alike.

DAY 4 - Call Centre 2021 - Planning The Digital Migration

It is a strategic imperative that to keep pace with rapidly changing customer service demands and expectations, organisations are compelled to embrace the principles of Digital Migration; the highway to high quality self service and the dramatic reduction of 'live' voice calls.

  • The major global trends
  • How these global trends will impact your call centre
  • What organisational structure changes should be considered
  • Customer Demographics
  • Customer Demands and Expectations
  • Demand for Self Service
  • How will multi-channel and omni-channel customer demands impact your call centre or contact centre
  • Digitization. What is it and how will it help your customers and your organisation
  • What new technologies are available and how can they be best utilised
  • How will social and economic realities impact the workforce
  • 'The Cloud' and how this will impact the industry
  • Managing Executive expectations of the contact centre
  • How to develop viable strategies and action plans to address these changes
  • How to use the COSAM© Digital Migration Development Tool
  • Practical Skills Development Workshop using the COSAM© Tool

Who Will Benefit

  • Call Centre, Contact Centre and Customer Care Centre Executives & Managers
  • Chief Operating Officers
  • Operations Managers
  • Senior Supervisors
  • QA and WFM Managers and Specialists
  • MIS and HR Specialists
  • Training Managers
  • Technology Managers

This Seminar Will Benefit The Entire Organisation

Most successful organisations have recognised that in order to achieve sustainable success it is vital that they become totally 'Customer Focused' and simultaneously that they address and rectify the basic loss drivers.

The development of an enterprise-wide Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programme and Customer Experience Management (CexM) and a new or re-developed or optimised customer service centre, call centre or contact centre will require the endorsement and support of the highest level of executive management. The same applies to the re-development or re-structuring or expanding of an existing call centre or contact centre. Only when the organisation's Strategies, Programmes (e.g. Marketing), People, Business Processes and Enabling Technologies are aligned to one another can the following Key Strategic Initiatives be achieved:

  • Reduce or contain costs
  • Increase Revenues or Profitability
  • Increase Operational Efficiencies
  • Increase Measurable Customer Satisfaction

The Contact Centre Is Vital To The Organisation

Throughout the world call centres, contact centres and customer service centres have rapidly become the customers' preferred means of interacting with suppliers or service providers. Forward-thinking companies, service-orientated organisations, utilities and local and national governments have been quick to realise that a well-planned and implemented Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programme supported by a customer service centre, call centre or contact centre will meet the clear demands of customers. In addition, these centres will also dramatically reduce operational costs, increase efficiencies, increase revenues and create a true centre of excellence for the organisation's Customer Service strategies.

Building And Operating A World Class Contact Centre Needs Skills

An effective, efficient contact centre needs the experience, skills and the 'passion' of a diverse group of dedicated professionals. It needs constructive, creative thinking and the ability to work together as a team to discover synergies; to develop a unique contact centre 'culture' and a hybrid management style. Restructuring an existing call centre or establishing a new call centre can be expensive. It will require the organisation to commit resources in the form of manpower, infrastructure, technologies and capital. Mistakes cannot be tolerated.

To achieve success it is vital that every member of the project team knows and understands the fundamentals of your organisation's Customer Service Strategies, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) vision, Contact Centre Technologies and the Operational Dynamics and Management issues as well as an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the unique human resource requirements of a multifunctional contact centre.

Your Seminar Presenter & Facilitator

Rod JonesThis powerful seminars have been developed and are personally presented by Rod Jones, an internationally respected contact centre expert and veteran with over 35 years of practical experience in the Direct Marketing, CRM, Customer Services and Call Centre industries. Rod has served on the boards of numerous professional bodies including The Direct Marketing Association of SA (DMA) and the former Call Centre Networking Group (CCNG). Rod has acted on behalf of the South African national contact centre and BPO body, BPeSA as the overseeing judge in the 2005 and 2006 annual Contact Centre Awards. He was also a judge for the 2007 BPeSA National Contact Centre Awards. In 2006 Rod chaired a BPeSA subcommittee that played a part in developing the SABS South African National Contact Centre Standards. He continues to sit on the SABS TC99 technical committee for SANS990/1/2/3 and is also chairman of the Direct Marketing Association TeleServices Council. Rod is also chairman of the Independent Contact Centre Consultants Association-ICCCA

An accomplished public speaker, Rod regularly presents papers, seminars and workshops and corporate training on various aspects of strategic marketing, call centres, contact centres and customer relationship management. Rod is well known for his hugely energetic and humorous presentation style.

As a widely recognised contact centre industry analyst and specialist consultant Rod provides an extensive range of professional services concentrating on the strategic and planning issues of Customer Management, Call Centres and telephony and marketing. His clients include a number of blue-chip South African companies and parastatal bodies as well as organisations in Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, Uganda and the UK. The Rod Jones MasterClass seminars have been attended by over 2,500 delegates in 8 countries.

Special Features Of "World Class Contact Centres" Masterclass

The original Rod Jones MasterClass CRM and Contact Centres MasterClass seminar evolved over six years to comprise of 16 important learning modules. Some of the most important aspects of the seminar have been retained and enhanced to ensure that delegates acquire specific knowledge and skills necessary to influence the development of a truly 'World Class' contact centre.

Learn How To Benchmark Your Contact Centre

To be a true 'World Class' contact centre the operation MUST apply extensive operating and 'Best Practice' standards and baselines and it must frequently be benchmarked against similar contact centre. This seminar will teach delegates exactly how to assess and self-audit your call centre, contact centre or customer services centre and how to apply International and regional operating standards.

  • Establishing the correct KPIs for your contact centre
  • What to measure
  • How to Assess and Audit your contact centre
  • Regional and International contact centre benchmarking
  • Assessment, Auditing and Benchmarking tools & how to use them.
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