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Call Centre Glossary - B

Back-Office Operation Software applications designed to aid typical business functions that occur at the end of a sales cycle--such as inventory, order fulfillment, and shipping.
Back-to-Back User Agent A back-to-back user agent (B2BUA) is a logical entity that receives a request and processed it as a user agent server (UAS). In order to determine how the request should be answered, it acts as a user agent client (UAC) and generates requests. Unlike a proxy server, it maintains dialog state and must participate in all requests sent on the dialogs it has established. The SIP Server functions as a B2BUA.
Base Staff. Also called Seated Agents. The minimum number of agents required to achieve service level and response time objectives for given period of time. Seated agent calculations assume that agents will be in their seats for the entire period of time. Therefore, schedules need to add in extra people to accommodate breaks, absenteeism and other factors that will keep agents from the phones. See Rostered Staff Factor.
Basic Rate Interface (BRI). One of two basic levels of ISDN service. A BRI line provides two bearer channels for voice and data and one channel for signaling (commonly expressed as 2B+D). See Primary Rate Interface (PRI) and Integrated Services Digital Network.
Beep Tone. An audible notification that a call has arrived (also called Zip Tone). Beep tone can also refer to the audible notification that a call is being monitored.
Benchmark. Historically, a term referred to as a standardized task to test the capabilities of devices against each other. In quality terms, benchmarking is comparing products, services and processes with those of other organizations, to identify new ideas and improvement opportunities.
Best in Class. A benchmarking term to identify organizations that outperform all others in a specified category.
Blockage. Callers blocked from entering a queue. See Blocked Call.
Blocked Call. A call that cannot be connected immediately because A) no circuit is available at the time the call arrives, or B) the ACD is programmed to block calls from entering the queue when the queue backs up beyond a defined threshold.
Bouncing Customer The call center problem of transferring callers from one Customer Service Representative (CSR) to another until the right one is reached who can appropriately handle the call.
Business Priority Routing A set of Genesys Routing capabilities that prioritize interaction delivery based on achieving the target service level through prioritizing and selecting the interaction with the greatest risk to the service objective set for a particular customer segment. In Genesys 7, the business priority routing functions include Age of Interaction, What-If Wait Time Routing and Service Objective Routing.
Business Process Routing A set of interfaces that extend the Genesys Interaction Workflow and Genesys Routing technologies to applications that electronically automate business processes. Such applications include document management, all types of forms processing, work-order processing and other business applications. Business Process Routing is one area of application for the Open Media Interface APIs.
Business Rules A set of situational instructions that are determined by managers and converted into software code that allows computer applications to make decisions according to the specific business requirements of the company (for example, if..., then...). Usually, these are changed as needed.
Busy Hour. A telephone traffic engineering term, referring to the hour of time in which a trunk group carries the most traffic during the day. The average busy hour reflects the average over a period of days, such as two weeks. Busy Hour has little use for incoming call centers, which require more specific resource calculation methodologies.

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