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Call Centre Glossary - D

Database Call Handling. A CTI application, whereby the ACD works in sync with the database computer to process calls, based on information in the database. For example, a caller inputs digits into a voice processing system, the database retrieves information on that customer and then issues instructions to the ACD on how to handle the call (e.g., where to route the call, what priority the call should be given in queue, the announcements to play, etc.).
Data-Directed Routing The process of automatically accessing information in enterprise databases and using it to determine how incoming customer contacts are routed.
DB Server DB Server is a Genesys server process that provides a single database interface for Genesys servers to use while connecting to a variety of proprietary database engines such as Oracle, MS-SQL, DB2 and Sybase.
Day of Week Routing. A network service that routes calls to alternate locations, based on the day of week. There are also options for day of year and time of day routing.
DDI, Direct Dial Inward, A direct inbound number to the switch. Added DA
Delay Announcements. Recorded announcements that encourage callers to wait for an agent to become available, remind them to have their account number ready, and provide information on access alternatives. In some systems, delay announcements are provided through recorded announcement routes (RANs).
Delay. Also called Queue Time. The time a caller spends in queue, waiting for an agent to become available. Average Delay is the same thing as Average Speed of Answer. Also see Average Delay of Delayed Calls.
Delayed Call. A call which cannot be answered immediately and is placed in queue.
Dialed Number (DN). The number that the caller dialed to initiate the call.
Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS). A string of digits that the telephone network passes to the ACD, VRU or other devise, to indicate which number the caller dialed. The ACD can then process and report on that type of call according to user-defined criteria. One trunk group can have many DNIS numbers.
Digital. The use of a binary code "1s and 0s" to represent information.
Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) A technology that allows twisted pair copper local loops to be configured for higher bandwidth to transmit data and video along with the voice signal.
Direct Call Processing. See Talk Time.
Dual-Tone Multifrequency (DTMF). All rights reserved. A signaling system that sends pairs of audio frequencies to represent digits on a telephone keypad. It is often used interchangeably with the term Touchtone (an AT&T trademark).
Dynamic Answer. An ACD feature that automatically reconfigures the number of rings before the system answers calls, based on real-time queue information. Since costs don't begin until the ACD answers calls, this feature can save callers or the call center money when long distance charges apply. Electronic Mail (E-mail). Electronic text mail.
Dynamic CSR Scripting The creation and modification of agent scripts based on timely input from managers.
Dynamic Media Exchange (DMX) A Genesys software component that connects to a VoIP Gateway and provides the telephony event messaging in conjunction with IP telephony calls passing through the VoIP gateway. Normally, a PBX will provide call events such as "Event ringing" and "Event disconnect" for the local T-Server. VoIP Gateways do not provide these messages so the DMX coordinates the creation and delivery of such messages as calls move through the VoIP Gateway.

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