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Call Centre Glossary - E

Envelope Strategy. A strategy whereby enough agents are scheduled for the day or week to handle both the inbound call load and other types of work. Priorities are based on the inbound call load. When call load is heavy, all agents handle calls, but when it is light, some agents are reassigned to work that is not as time-sensitive.
ECMA Founded in 1961, the European Computer Manufacturers Association is an international industry association that has focused on the development of standard interfaces between computer and communications systems, with CSTA being its main contribution.
Electronic Mail (Email) (1) Private messages sent by one user electronically to another via computer. Electronic mail users typically have a 'mailbox' on a network or a videotext systems where other users can send messages that can be retrieved at a later time by the recipient. (2) Messages, usually text, sent from one person to another via computer. E-mail can also be sent to large numbers of addresses automatically.
Erlang B. A formula developed by A.K. Erlang, widely used to determine the number of trunks required to handle a known calling load during a one hour period. The formula assumes that if callers get busy signals, they go away forever, never to retry (lost calls cleared). Since some callers retry, Erlang B can underestimate trunks required. However, Erlang B is generally accurate in situations with few busy signals.
Erlang C. Calculates predicted waiting times (delay) based on three things: the number of servers (reps); the number of people waiting to be served (callers); and the average amount of time it takes to serve each person. It can also predict the resources required to keep waiting times within targeted limits. Erlang C assumes no lost calls or busy signals, so it has a tendency to overestimate staff required.
Erlang, A.K. A Danish engineer who worked for the Copenhagen Telephone Company in the early 1900s and developed Erlang B, Erlang C and other telephone traffic engineering formulas.
Erlang. One hour of telephone traffic in an hour of time. For example, if circuits carry 120 minutes of traffic in an hour, that's two Erlangs.
Error Rate. Either the number of defective transactions or the number of defective steps in a transaction.
Escalation Plan. A plan that specifies actions to be taken when the queue begins to build beyond acceptable levels.
Expected Wait Time (EWT) An estimate of how long a caller will have to wait to be served by a call center while in queue. EWT is based on current and past traffic, handling time, and staffing conditions. Also referred to as Estimated Wait Time.
Exchange A unit generally smaller than a Local Access and Transport Area that is established by the Telephone Company for the administration of communications service in a specified area which usually embraces a city, town, or village and its environs. It consists of one or more central offices together with the associated facilities used in furnishing communications service within that area. One or more designated exchanges comprise a given local access and transport area.
Exchange Line. See Trunk.
Extensible Markup Language (XML) A set of coding standards for designing web pages that involve the use of tags and values. The tags are standardized names used to identify specific pieces of data which have an associated value. Just as Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is a standard coding scheme for the displaying of web pages on a computer screen, XML is a standardized coding scheme that allows applications to exchange data. There are a variety of implementations of XML that provide standard tag names for specific industries.
Executive Summary. A brief summary of the key points of a more detailed report or study.

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