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Call Centre Glossary - H

Handled Calls. The number of calls received and handled by agents or peripheral equipment. Handled calls does not include calls that abandon or receive busy signals.
Handling Time. The time an agent spends in Talk Time and After-Call Work, handling a transaction. Handling Time can also refer to the time it takes for a machine to process a transaction.
Help Desk. A term that generally refers to a call center set up to handle queries about product installation, usage or problems. The term is most often used in the context of computer software and hardware support centers.
Historical Reports. Reports that track call center and agent performance over a period of time. Historical reports are generated by ACDs, third party ACD software packages, and peripherals such as VRUs and Call Detail Recording Systems. The amount of history that a system can store varies by system.
Holding Time. See Average Holding Time on Trunks.
Home Agent. See Telecommuting
Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) (1) The language used throughout the World Wide Web to create web pages with links to other documents, rich text enhancements (bold, italic, etc.) and so on. The 'source' file for what you see on a web page is written in HTML. (2) The language with which World Wide Web documents are formatted. It defines fonts, graphics, hypertext links, and other details. HTML is an implementation of Standard Graphics Markup Language, SGML, which is a standard in the publishing industry.
Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) (1) The protocol most commonly used in the World Wide Web to transfer information from Web servers to Web browsers. (2) The protocol that negotiates document delivery to a Web browser from a Web server.

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