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Call Centre Glossary - I

Imaging. A process whereby documents are scanned into a system and stored electronically.
Immutable Law. A law of nature that is fundamental, and not changeable (e.g., the law of gravity). In an inbound call center, the fact that occupancy goes up when service level goes down, is an immutable law.
Incoming Call Center Management. The art of having the right number of skilled people and supporting resources in place at the right times to handle an accurately forecasted workload, at service level and with quality.
Incremental Revenue (Value) Analysis. A methodology that estimates the value (cost and revenue) of adding or subtracting an agent.
Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC). A local exchange carrier (LEC) or local telephone company, such as Bell Atlantic or US West that operate a telephony exchange.
Index Factor. In forecasting, a proportion used as a multiplier to adjust another number.
Independent Software Vendor (ISV) A software vendor that has developed its own application and connects to the software applications of other companies in order to add additional value to its own application. For Genesys, our ISVs include Siebel, Oracle and SAP.
IOT. Indirect Operational Time. Time allowed within the FTE forecast for meetings, training etc... Added DA
Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN). A set of international standards for telephone transmission. ISDN provides an end-to-end digital network, out-of-band signaling, and greater bandwidth than older telephone services. The two standard levels of ISDN are Basic Rate Interface (BRI) and Primary Rate Interface (PRI). See Basic Rate Interface and Primary Rate Interface.
Intelligent (Call) Routing . The routing of calls/interactions to task-appropriate agents or CSRs based on the attributes of the call/interaction.
Interaction Workflow Designer (IWD) The Interaction Workflow Designer is the GUI used to create the workflow scripts which are executed by the Interaction Server. Workflow scripts are applied to non-voice interactions and detail the steps by which each interaction is processed. Workflow scripts call Interaction Routing scripts when a real-time decision regarding the interaction needs to be made.
Inter Exchange Carrier (IXC). A long-distance telephone company.
Interactive Voice Response (IVR). See Voice Response Unit.
Interflow. See overflow.
Internal Help Desk. A group that supports other internal agent groups, e.g. for complex or escalated calls.
Internal Response Time. The time it takes an agent group that supports other internal groups (e.g., for complex or escalated tasks) to respond to transactions that do not have to be handled when they arrive (e.g., correspondence or e-mail). See Response Time and Service Level.
Internet "Call Me" Transaction. A transaction that allows a user to request a callback from the call center, while exploring a Web page. Requires interconnection of the ACD system and the Internet by means of an Internet Gateway.
Internet "Call Through" Transaction. The ability for callers to click a button on a Web site and be directly connected to an agent while viewing the site. Standards and technologies that provide this capability are in development.
Internet Service Provider (ISP) (1) Any of a number of companies that sell Internet access to individuals or organizations at speeds ranging from 300 Bps to OC-3. (2) A business that enables individuals and companies to connect to the Internet by providing the interface to the Internet backbone.
Internet Telephony Generic term used to describe various approaches to running voice telephony over IP networks.
Internetwork A collection of networks interconnected by routers that function (generally) as a single network. Sometimes called an intranet, which is not to be confused with the Internet.
Internetworking General term used to refer to the industry that has arisen around the problem of connecting networks together. The term can refer to products, procedures, and technologies.
Interoperability The ability of equipment from different manufacturers (or different implementations) to operate together.
Inter-Server Call Control (ISCC) The Genesys-protocol used to enable communication between individual T-Servers. This protocol is necessary for the transfer of calls between multiple sites. ISCC was formerly called External Routing.
Internet Phone. Technology that enables users of the Internet World Wide Web to place voice telephone calls through the Internet, thus by-passing the long distance network.
Intraflow. See overflow. Invisible Queue. When callers do not know how long the queue is or how fast it is moving. See Visible Queue.
IP Contact Center (IPCC) A software package that combines multi-site routing, reporting along with the Framework including the appropriate IP T-Server. This package is an IP Telephony version of the standard ERS software package.

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