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Call Centre Glossary - L

Law of Diminishing Returns. The declining marginal improvements in service level that can be attributed to each additional agent, as successive agents are added.
Link Line (UK). Non-Geographic 0800, 0845, 0870 number charged at various rates, normally directed to a DDI Number Added DA
Load Balancing. Balancing traffic between two or more destinations.
Local Area Network (LAN). The connection of multiple computers within a building, so that they can share information, applications and peripherals. See Wide Area Network.
Local Exchange Carrier (LEC). Telephone companies responsible for providing local connections and services.
Local Control Agent (LCA). A software module that is loaded to each server platform which hosts 1 or more server modules. The job of the LCA is to monitor the operating status of all locally running software modules, reports errors and restart modules should they stop operating.
Logged On. A state in which agents have signed on to a system (made their presence known), but may or may not be ready to receive calls.
Long Call. For staffing calculations and traffic engineering purposes, calls that approach or exceed thirty minutes.
Longest Available Agent. A method of distributing calls to the agent who has been sitting idle the longest. With a queue, Longest Available Agent becomes next Available Agent.
Longest Delay (Oldest Call). The longest time a caller has waited in queue, before abandoning or reaching an agent.
Look Ahead Queuing. The ability for a system or network to examine a secondary queue and evaluate the conditions, before overflowing calls from the primary queue.
Look Back Queuing. The ability for a system or network to look back to the primary queue after the call has been overflowed to a secondary queue, and evaluate the conditions. If the congestion clears, the call can be sent back to the initial queue.
Lost Call. See Abandoned Call.

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