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Call Centre Glossary - O

Occupancy. Also referred to as agent utilization. The percentage of time agents handle calls versus wait for calls to arrive. For a half-hour, the calculation is: (call volume x average handling time in seconds) / (number of agents x 1800 seconds). See Adherence to Schedule.
Off The Shelf. Hardware or software programs that are commercially available and ready for use "as is."
Off-Hook (1) The active condition of Switched Access or a Telephone Exchange Service line. (2) Activated (in regard to a telephone set). A telephone in use is said to be off-hook when it is actively transmitting and receiving sound. Contrast with On-Hook.
On-Hook (1) The idle condition of Switched Access or a Telephone Exchange Service line. (2) Deactivated (in regard to a telephone set). A telephone that is not in use is said to be On-hook and it is not actively transmitting and receiving sound. Contrast with Off-Hook.
Offered Calls. All of the attempts callers make to reach the call center. There are three possibilities for offered calls: 1) they can get busy signals, 2) they can be answered by the system, but hang up before reaching a rep, 3) they can be answered by a rep. Offered call reports in ACDs usually refer only to the calls that the system receives.
Off-Peak. Periods of time other than the call center's busiest periods. Also a term to describe periods of time when long distance carriers provide lower rates.
On-Line Transaction Processing Database processing that supports the daily business operations. Also known as operational processing and OLTP.
Open Ticket. A customer contact (transaction) that has not yet been completed or resolved (closed).
Operations Support System (OSS) The computerized platform and related software used to support the operations of a network.
Outbound Call A telephone call that was originated by a device and is directed toward a device in the same switching domain or a remote device in another switching domain.
Outsourcing. Contracting some or all call center services to an outside company.
Overflow. Calls that flow from one group or site to another. More specifically, Intraflow happens when calls flow between agent groups and Interflow is when calls flow out of the ACD to another site.
Overlay. See Rostered Staff Factor.

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