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Call Centre Glossary - V

Value Added Network (VAN) A national (or international) enhanced network that is designed expressly to carry data communications. VANs also provide billing and other special services to their customers.
Virtual Call Center. A distributed call center that acts as a single site for call handling and reporting purposes.
Virtual Phone Console A telephone system capability that allows individual telephone sets to be configured to act as a primary call-handling system.
Visible Queue. When callers know how long the queue that they just entered is, and how fast it is moving (e.g., they hear a system announcement that relays the expected wait time). See Invisible Queue.
Voice eXtensible Markup Language (vXML) A version or unique form of extensible markup language (XML) made up of standardized tags which provide voice service-related information to applications accessing a web page.
Voice over IP (VoIP). Refers to a host of methods used to encode voice and transmit it over an IP network, such as an internal ethernet or over the Internet.
Voice Processing. A blanket term that refers to any combination of voice processing technologies, including Voice Mail, Automated Attendant, Audiotex, Voice Response Unit (VRU) and Faxback.
Voice Processing Manager. The service management system with LDAP-based provisioning system, event collection, reporting and billing interfaces into the operation support systems of the service provider or the enterprise. The Voice Portal Manager also enables centralized management of multiple applications from multiple customers within the network.
Voice Response Unit (VRU). Also called Interactive Voice Response Unit (IVR) or Audio Response Unit (ARU). A VRU responds to caller entered digits or speech recognition in much the same way that a conventional computer responds to keystrokes or clicks of a mouse. When the VRU is integrated with database computers, callers can interact with databases to check current information (e.g., account balances) and complete transactions (e.g. make transfers between accounts). See Voice Processing.
VoiceLAN The synergy amid a group of technologies which together allow for the convergence of voice, computing, and other types of communications to coexist on a Local Area Network.

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