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Contact Centre Mastery ’23 With Brad Cleveland

Dubai, May 31 – June 01

CCM '23 Registration Form:

Notes about Group Discounts on CCM1, CCM2 and CCM12:

2-4 Registrations – First Person At Prices Above, Second, Third and Fourth Earn Further 25% Discount

Example: 3 registrations for CCM12 before Mar 31 is $2095+two times $1571 equals $5237 (Daily unit price is $872+vat)


5-10 Registrations – First and Second Persons At Prices Above, All Others Earn Further 40% Discount

Example: 6 registrations for CCM1 before Mar 31 is two times $1195+four times $2868 equals $5258 (Daily unit price is $876+vat)