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Program Outline

  1. Competitive Strategy - Based upon the works of Michael Porter (recognised as "the world's greatest business strategist") companies must select a competitive strategy from a finite list of options. The chosen competitive strategy will affect everything the company does. From how it projects its brand in marketing to how a customer is treated at the point of sale. Participants will evaluate competitive strategy options and develop an understanding for the impact of competitive strategy on customer experience.
  2. Brand Strategy - A brand is defined by a series of spoken and unspoken promises. These promises relate or give rise to the organisation's competitive strategy. Customer Experience begins with moments of truth and the brand promises should be evident in every moment of truth. Participants will learn how a number of major global brands self-destructed as a result of trying to create a perfect experience rather than focusing on a BRAND experience that might have some inherent pain but lives up to the brand promise.
  3. Voice Of The Customer - Once customers are acquired, it is important to understand what creates advocacy. Mere customer satisfaction surveys do not produce actionable results. Voice of the customer goes beyond traditional customer satisfaction to analyse what experiences create the greatest customer advocacy. The voice of the customer must, therefore, include, not only surveys but also real-time behavioural analysis and the depiction of results must be quantified against the brand strategy, the competitive strategy AND customer advocacy.
  4. Customer Surveys, NPS, Regression - Participants will practice creating customer surveys that are VOC-enabled and related to the various organisational strategies. Using actual case studies, participants will understand different approaches to analysing the results in order to define action plans.
  5. Financial Impacts And Value-Based Accounting - Satisfied customers are worth no more than unsatisfied customers... unless they buy more, more often. No organisation can afford to waste resources making customers happy unless their happiness is tangible or will become tangible at some future point. In most cases, customer advocacy increases future sales pipeline and reduces acquisition costs. These are intangible values that should become tangible in the future. CEM facilitated budgeting requires a value-based accounting model where tangible and intangible results are reported in order to truly measure the impact of the CEM initiative. Separate reporting processes should analyse the intangible values that materialise so that resources are leveraged in order to ensure maximum returns from the intangible values created. Participants will learn how to assign, evaluate and report on tangible and intangible value along with a number of methodologies for linking the value returns process with the budgeting and incentivisation processes.
  6. The Branded Organisation - The branded organisation has a congruent, consistent approach to meeting customer requirements and delivering an on-brand customer experience. Every component of the organisation must operate in unison with the branded experience program. Participants will learn how to evaluate organisational congruence and how to establish and operate a customer experience steering committee based upon the methodologies, processes and concepts covered within the program.
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