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In consideration of call centre performance, there are three primary concerns:-

  1. Are the operational goals and targets supporting the branded customer experience (which includes the company's competitive strategy)?
  2. What are the gaps between the current performance targets and the brand-aligned experience targets? How can those gaps be bridged?
  3. Given the targets that the call centre is currently aiming to achieve:-
    • How effective is it in achieving those targets
    • What is preventing it from achieving them (if anything)
    • Is it over-achieving (wasting Opex)
    • What efficiency gains are achievable and how can they be achieved

INSIGHTS Flags are awarded on the successfull completion of Action plan recommendations following on INSIGHTS Audit. Currently the following Audits are vailable :-

  • Key KPIs
  • Quality Assurance
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Performance Management
  • Workforce Management
  • Assessment Centre
  • Training
  • Brand Modelling
  • Social Meida

As an example, a company requesting a review of operations would require, as a minimum, a KPI audit and a QA audit. The Strategic Operations review outputs from a KPI and QA audit will include analysis of:-

  • The call centre's operational performance
  • Agent, in-call, quality performance
  • Analysis of the Quality/Quantity curve
  • Plotting of the operational performance and quality performance on the INSIGHTS evolution curve *
  • Recommendations on Effectiveness improvements and Efficiency improvements that should/ could be targeted.

For an example, in one IT helpdesk in South Africa, the KPI audit identified that the call centre was over-performing and it was resulting in OPEX being 20% higher than necessary. The QA audit in the same call centre, was combined with a strategic modelling audit to identify that in-call quality performance was as good as it needed to be. Any further investment in training or QA would have been wasted.

In another example, the KPI audit uncovered that, due to poor implementation standards, the reports that were being reviewed by management were mis-programmed and were completely inaccurate. A typical ACD report indicated that the call centre was achieving a service level of 80% in 20 seconds when in fact, the call centre was only achieving 80% in 80 seconds. This explained why the management were completely happy with call centre performance but customers were complaining constantly.

The reports generated for each review are never exactly the same as every review uncovers different issues that need to be investigated and require unique types of analysis but in general terms, the reports will include:-


The consulting team will analyse the data within the ACD and will correct the data for the common mathematical errors that exist in ALL ACD's. This "CLEAN" data will be compared to the raw ACD reports used by the call centre and the management reports. If there are any discrepancies, they will be analysed (to root cause, if at all possible) and reported.

In one engagement, it was uncovered that senior management were living happily because they were unaware that their required targets (service level and occupancy) were mutually opposing and as a result, the operations team were using various "tricks" to make the reports give the numbers that senior management wanted to see.

In another engagement, it was uncovered that the call centre had, in fact been exceeding its performance objectives for three years but errors in the reporting methodologies made it appear as though the operation was failing.


The consulting team will then enter all the captured data into INSIGHTS proprietary analyses systems to assess the resources that would be required to achieve similar results using a standard, Middle East call centre model. This resource level will be compared to the resources being used in the call centre and once again, the discrepancies will be analysed, where possible, to root cause.

As an example, in one engagement, it was uncovered the supervisors were largely ineffective and as a result the operations efficiency were barely reaching 25% even though call volume and agent occupancy were both quite high.

KPI TARGETS By combining knowledge of the KPI targets, effectiveness and efficiency, the call centres current KPI status can be plotted on the INSIGHTS evolution curve. If INSIGHTS are also engaged to complete a strategic model, the analysis will demonstrate the ideal evolutionary state of operation and the associated gaps.

QA Audit

The QA audit will analyse the performance of "top performing agents" using workplace observations and random agents (using recorded calls). The QA audit will be based upon the INSIGHTS standard QA model or the strategic QA model (if INSIGHTS are engaged to conduct a STRATEGIC MODEL).

The performance of TOP PERFORMERS will be compared to RANDOM performers. In an ideal world, there should be little difference in the STRATEGIC phases of the call but larger differences are expected in non strategic areas in the middle of the call. Any deviations from this will be analysed (where possible, to root cause).

The QA analysis does not just analyse in call QA as per normal methodologies. The INSIGHTS QA process also includes analysis of both the AGENT and the CUSTOMER's emotional projection. Thus it is possible to examine how the customer reacts to particular competencies and KPI's.

This QA analysis enables the consulting team to recommend competency and call phase focus to deliver the ideal in-call customer experience.

The QA analysis also includes an analysis of quality performance distribution based upon our Middle East, normalised model and a calculation of number of evaluations required per agent per month to achieve statistically reliable results, along with a calculation of the number of QA resources that need to be put in place to achieve those results.

Like the KPI audit, the QA audit will conclude by plotting QA performance on the INSIGHTS evolution model (and a gap analysis if a strategic model engagement has been agreed).

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