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Call Centre Glossary - F

Facsimile (FAX). Technology that scans a document, encodes it, transmits it over a telecommunications circuit, and reproduces it in original form at the receiving end.
Fast Clear Down. A caller who hangs up immediately when they hear a delay announcement.
Fax on Demand. A system that enables callers to request documents, using their telephone keypads. The selected documents are delivered to the fax numbers they specify.
Fiber Channel (FC) Fiber Channel is a high performance serial link supporting its own, as well as higher level protocols such as the FDDI, SCSI, HIPPI, and IPI. The fast (up to 1 Gbps) technology can be converted for Local Area Network technology by adding a switch specified in the Fiber Channel standard, that handles multipoint addressing.
Fiber Optic Cable A transmission medium that uses glass or plastic fibers, rather than copper wire, to transport data or voice signals. The signal is imposed on the fiber via pulses (modulation) of light from a laser or a light-emitting diode (LED). Because of its high bandwidth and lack of susceptibility to interference, fiber-optic cable is used in long-haul and electrically " noisy" applications.
Flowchart. A step by step diagram of a process.
Flushing Out the Queue. Changing system thresholds so that calls waiting for an agent group are redirected to another group with a shorter queue or available agents.
Foreign Exchange Office (FXO) A remote Telephone Company Central Office used to provide local telephone service over dedicated circuits from that office to the user's local central office and premises.
Front-Office Application Software applications designed to aid typical business functions such as sales, service, and marketing.
Full-Time Equivalent (FTE). A term used in scheduling and budgeting, whereby the number of scheduled hours is divided by the hours in a full work week. The hours of several part time agents may add up to one FTE.

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