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Call Centre Glossary - M

Media Blending Technology that allows contact center applications and related systems to both send and receive contacts from a variety of media channels, such as telephone, email, chat and Web.
Mailsort UK Specific discount bulk mail service provided by the Royal Mail. Mailsort3 guarentees delivery within 10 working days, Mailsort2 within 3 working days and Mailsort1 on a given day.
Middleware. Software that mediates between different types of hardware and software on a network, so that they can function together.
Modem. A contraction of the terms Modulator/Demodulator. A Modem converts analog signals to digital and vice versa.
Monitoring. Also called Position Monitoring or Service Observing. The process of listening to agents' telephone calls for the purpose of maintaining quality. Monitoring can be: A) silent, where agents don't know when they are being monitored, B) side by side, where the person monitoring sits next to the agent and observes calls or C) record and review, where calls are recorded and then later played back and assessed.
Multilingual Agents. Agents that are fluent in more than one language.
Multi-point Control Unit A device used to bridge multiple calls together in a conference format. An MCU is often needed in an IP Telephony installation as IP Routers do not natively support voice functions such a conferencing.
Multi-channel Contact Center An enterprise contact center where various types of contacts--telephone, email, Web, fax--are made and received by customers and agents using computer software designed to handle these activities. Supported activities run the gamut of business operations from front office to back office.
Multi-channel Contact Server Computer software that automatically receives and routes incoming contacts from a variety of communications channels (telephone, Web, email) and from a variety of wired and wireless devices.
Multimedia. Combining multiple forms of media in the communication of information. (E.g., a traditional phone call is "monomedia," and a video call is "multimedia.")
Murphy's Law. If anything can go wrong, it will. Not a good perspective to live by, but worth considering when designing agent groups, routing configurations and disaster recovery plans.

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