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Has Worked In Over 60 Countries, With Companies Such As Apple And American Express, And With Governments In USA, Australia And Canada.

Brad has presented and keynoted at many industry conferences over the years. His workshops are always filled with experienced industry professionals eager to find answers to their most pressing strategic and operational questions, gain additional knowledge/insights and collect actionable guidance that they can immediately put to use back at base.


Brad Cleveland

Brad’s two most widely acclaimed books are Contact Centre Management on Fast Forward and Leading the Customer Experience. Paid delegates will receive their own copies signed by Brad personally.

Brad Cleveland Books

Contact Centre Mastery ’23

Choose one or both of the following options to advance your career and improve your leadership skills


Day 1

MAY 31 - CCM1

Personal Certification In Contact Centre Management Refresher Course

– Covers The Most Important Contact Centre Management Principles That You Need To Master
– Resolves Any Lingering Management Questions You May Have
– Guides You With Top Tips & Tactics For Passing The Online Certification Test

See More Details In: “The Personal Certification Process” Section

Brad Cleveland Personal Certification In Contact Centre Management Refresher Course

Day 2


Contact Centre Strategy & Leadership

• The Definitive Contact Centre Learning Workshop For Busy Executives.
• Facilitates Communications With Reporting Contact Centre Staff.
• Enables More Effective Planning & Decision Making.
• Encourages Value Creation Opportunities In The Contact Centre.
• Provides A Proven Framework To Handle The Latest CX and Digital Transformation Trends.
• Forces Emphasis On The Contact Centre’s Key Strategic & Tactical Financial Drivers.

Contact Centre Strategy & Leadership

May 31, Dubai - CCM1

Your “Personal Certification” In Contact Centre Management

What would it be worth to you if official accreditation of your contact centre management experience and expertise could:

* Be recognized by a world-class authority
* Be used (subtly) to remind your boss of your potential
* Position you for new CX-based business responsibilities
* Enhance your ongoing career prospects
* Facilitate industry recognition by your peers

* Finally the chance to prove your contact centre skills and credentials for all the world to see
* A true “Rite of Passage” event from which you can emerge feeling that you have “arrived”
* Don’t miss this unique opportunity – places are limited and the program could well be sold out months in advance based on feedback received to date!

The “Personal Certification” Process

The “Personal Certification” Process:

Step 1

Prior to May 31, Study Supplied Material (Videos, Notes, etc) Based On Brad’s Book, Contact Centre Management On Fast Forward

Step 2

Attend The 1-day Refresher Workshop With Brad In Dubai On May 31 ‘23

Step 3

Take An Online. Multiple Choice Test Immediately Following The Workshop. (The Option To Do So At A Later Date Is Also Available)

Step 4

On Passing on May 31, You Will Be “Personally Certified in Contact Centre Management” By Brad Cleveland, “The World’s#1 Contact Centre Guru”

– Receive Your Signed Certificate From Brad

– A Unique Photo Opportunity And For You To Treasure & Proudly Display Thereafter

Step 5

Proceed To Enjoy Your Professional Career In Contact Centre Management Knowing That You Have Been Certified By “The Best”

Course Outline

PC Refresher Course – The Principles of Contact Centre Management

This refresher/mandatory course covers the fundamental principles of contact center management that equip contact center management professionals to build exceptional operations and careers.
Advance the success of your contact center and achieve your professional career goals with a solid foundation in planning and managing an exceptional contact center. Evolving customer expectations, proliferating contact channels, and the heightened strategic role of customer experience are changing contact centers dramatically.
You’ll learn how to apply the core principles of managing a contact center to the evolving business environment.

Who Should Attend: Supervisors – Managers – Directors – Workforce management personnel

1. The Dynamic Contact Center Profession

• Definition of a contact centre
• Three levels of value for a contact centre
• The evolving business environment

2. Quality and Performance

• Key customer expectations
• The relationship between service level and quality`
• Characteristics of a quality interaction
• The customer interaction process
• Key performance objectives
• Quality standards for individuals
• Strategic coaching
• What senior managers need to know about contact centres
• Tips for personal, professional development

3. The Planning and Management Process

• Driving forces in the contact centre

• The planning and management process

• Service level and response time

• Agent group structure

• Phone, chat, text, social media, video, and omnichannel

• Immutable contact centre laws

• Scheduling and long-term staffing

• Real-time management

Key Learning Points

Key Learning Points:

• Clarifying the most important Contact Centre management principles and practices.

• Understanding the requirements for successful Contact Centre management.

• Planning for continuous improvement in an ever-changing market.

• Deploying proven cost control and cost reduction tactics.

• Setting a business-reasoned service level and achieving it consistently.

• Forecasting accurate workloads and creating schedules that meet the needs of customers and employees.

• Choosing the right metrics and goals for your Contact Centre that support corporate strategies.

Contact Centre Mastery ’23 Bonuses include:

* Signed Copies of Brad’s Books

* Linkedin Learning Videos On Contact Centre Management

* Contact Centre Management Glossary

* Customer Expectations Worksheet

* Customer Access Strategy Worksheet

* Ability To Run Questions By Brad For Up To One Year As You Implement Learned Tools, Principles and Ideas (For CCM2 Delegates)

* Framed Certificate On Passing

* Free Attendance At The Contact Centre Upgrade ’23 Forum + More To Be Announced

Contact Centre Upgrade Forum '23 (CCU ' 23) - May 31 - June 1

June 01, Dubai - CCM2

The Ultimate Executive Workshop Contact Centre Strategy and Leadership

This executive-level course will provide the insight and direction necessary to develop, implement and manage your contact center’s strategy and leadership process.

Apply the lessons of the world’s best customer contact centers to transform your service and sales delivery systems and to conquer new competitive challenges. You’ll get the information, tools, and direction necessary to build the right strategic approach and lead effectively.

You and your colleagues will explore examples of contact center challenges and real-world solutions.

You’ll leave with tools, techniques and strategies you can implement immediately and will gain references you’ll use for years to come.

Who Should Attend: Managers – Directors – Executives

Course Outline

Course Outline

1. Strategic Planning and Leadership

• Assessing the current state of your contact center strategic planning
• Establishing your goals
• The 7-step strategic planning process

2. Strategic Planning in Today’s Environment

• Creating a shared vision, mission, and goals
• The three levels of contact center value
• Establishing a decision lens for strategic decisions
• The components of a customer access strategy

3. Turning Strategy Into Reality

• The strategy-tactics continuum
• Building skills, knowledge, and leaders
• Implementing operational plans and processes
• Choosing the right KPIs and supporting metrics
• Harnessing technology effectively
• Strategic and tactical financial drivers
• The leader’s role in innovating and aligning

Key Learning Points:

• Classify the Contact Centre’s strategic direction.

• Align the organisation’s and the Contact Centre’s strategy, goals and objectives.

• Quantify and communicate the Contact Centre’s value proposition.

• Integrate multiple customer contact channels into one strategic plan.

• Use a strategic planning process model to develop the Contact Centre’s strategy.

• Build business cases for needed upgrades and investments.

• Identify the leader’s role in each step of strategic planning.

Program For The Day:

08:30 AM – 09:00 AM: Coffee with Brad

09:00 AM – 02:00 PM: CCM2 course content including coffee breaks

02:00 PM – 03:00 PM: Lunch

03:00 PM – 05:00 PM: Special CX/Digital Transformation session

Post Event: Enjoying Unlimited Ongoing Support From Brad For 1 Year

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